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This site aims to present different aspects about research methods. The information is presented as text or as videos. Videos are not directly stored on our server. They reside on YouTube, Vimeo or similar platforms and are embedded on this site. Some pages also have calculators for specific purposes.

Use the drop down menus at the top to find what you are looking for. You can click on any item in the drop down menus, even intermediate items linking to further child-items. Another alternative is to use the “Search” box at the top of each page.

Legal responsibility

The information and calculators on this web site are supplied for free. We do not take legal responsibility for the consequences of any errors in the provided information or if any calculator delivers an incorrect output.


You can cite any information and use for educational purposes (or other purpose) but if you do you must refer to the page you cite. There are different conventions on how to cite a webpage:

You should cite this article if you use its information in other circumstances. An example of citing this article is:
Ronny Gunnarsson. What can I do here? [in Science Network TV]. Available at: http://science-network.tv/what-can-i-do-here/. Accessed May 21, 2018.

Advice for watching videos on this site

You can watch selected videos on this site

Videos are not directly stored on our server. They reside on YouTube, Vimeo or similar platforms. They are embedded on this site and is by default shown within a frame of limited size. However, after clicking on play you can at the bottom right corner click on a full screen icon (a square) to activate full screen mode. If you don’t like the full screen mode click “Esc” on the keyboard to go back.

Sometimes a video frequently stops. The reason may be that your Internet connection is not quick enough. If that is the case then the solution is to pause the video for a while (5-10 minutes) letting the computer download a piece of the remaining video before you click on play. If it again stops after a while you may have to repeat this. If the reason is that your computer is too slow to deal with streaming HD image quality then you should click on the HD icon (cogwheel) to go back to lower image resolution.

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