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Ask “Science Ronny”

Our friendly AI assistant “Science Ronny” will try to provide answers and guide you to more information on relevant pages. The AI assistant is mobile friendly and will work fine on most smartphones.

Science Ronnys is an AI assistant using the GPT deep learning algorithms. Currently we use GPT 4.

A few practicalities

  • Science Ronny presents as a small chat icon in the bottom right corner. A chat window opens up when you click on the icon.
  • You can write any question related to research methodology. Please write short questions with one question at a time.  If you have many questions please ask them one at a time. Asking multiple questions in one go is likely to make the chat robot more or less confused.
  • You can also click on the microphone and talk to Science Ronny. When finished click again on the microphone to let Science Ronny know you you have completed your question.
  • You will find three symbols at the top of the chat window. The X close the chat window. The maximises the chat window. There is also an icon to download the whole chat session as a txt-file.
  • Any information provided on this website, including replies by Science Ronny, is provided for free as is. We do not take legal or financial responsibility for the consequences of any errors in the provided information
  • Science Ronny has read a lot of information up to and including April 2023. Science Ronny may not be up to date with events that happened after that.
  • Chat sessions are stored on a central server. The purpose is that we will look at past chat sessions to see where the AI assistant goes wrong and subsequently try to improve its knowledge base and behaviour. Please note that the chat session does not contain information such as your name unless you write your name in the chat. We will not use the historic chat information for anything else than providing a better service.

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